Post – prefix conversion, MobiFone supports its clients with Feature Phones to easily update prefixes in their phone contacts.

Customers with smartphones can use My MobiFone app, which can be downloaded from App Store, Google Play or other apps stores, to update their contacts easily.

Meanwhile, clients using Feature Phones can also get available support from MobiFone staff in updating mobile number prefixes.

For customers with less or equal 250 numbers in their contact and using a multi SIM card, MobiFone staff will save all contact info into the SIM card, insert the card into a smartphone, and then update contacts via My MobiFone. Once finished, the SIM card will be returned to the Feature Phone.

For customers with a phone contact of more than 250 numbers and using a large-sized SIM card which can not fit in a smartphone, MobiFone shall support them to easily update contacts through Hyper SIM. The process is very simple, specifically:

Step 1: Copy all contact information stored in the SIM card to customer’s’ Feature Phone.

Step 2: Remove the customer’s SIM card and insert the Hyper SIM card into the Feature Phone.

Step 3: Access the SIM application, delete all contacts stored on the Hyper SIM card.

Step 4: Copy all contact info in the Feature Phone to the Hyper SIM.

Step 5: Access the SIM application, select “Convert 11 to 10” to update the contact saved in the Hyper SIM

Step 6: Delete all contact info in the phone, then Copy all information in the Hyper SIM into the phone.

Step 7: Remove Hyper SIM and return subscription SIM to the customer.

In case of difficulties, please visit MobiFone stores for quick and intensive support. For more information, please contact MobiFone’s hotline 9090.


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